How to manage wedding hair for black hair

wedding hair for black hairWhen it comes to a wedding whether you have black hair or dark hair everyone wants to look beautiful. Therefore it becomes very important to consult a hairdresser for your wedding. In the era of experiment and innovation where everyone wants to get their hairs colored. However, some persons want to keep their hair as simple in their natural way. Therefore you also know how to manage wedding hair for black hair, to look attractive and stylish. Hence we are here to discuss some of the hairstyles for the occasion of the wedding:- clik here

Curly wedding updo with a hair accessory: –  

wedding hair for black hair

Hair accessories will always help you to look more attractive and stylish on your wedding day. This curly updo is enhanced with a white flower that is clipped on one side to give it a romantic look.  

Halo twist braid: – 

Braids and twist are always in trend and very fashionable when it comes to managing wedding hair for black hair. They are super for black hair; therefore they are preferred by many at their weddings. The original halo braid updo has got an upgradation after the addition of the two thick twists down the crown. All the braids are twisted together to form an attractive and an elegant look.  

Black swirled updo hairstyle: – 

However, if you had chemically treated your hairs to get the straight look or wear a weave hence it will make your day. Super-sleek hair swirled will turn your normal hairs into perfect circles to give you a glamour look. After adding a jeweled hair clip it will add stars to it and give you an elegant look.  

Wedding twisted updo: – 

We always focus on the face to make any of the hairstyles, but this updo hairstyle will be in the back of your head. The hairs will be twisting from the neck to make a multi-strand braid. After adding the accessories to it, it will be visible to everyone and take all the attention.  

Sleek full bun: –  

wedding hair for black hair

Wedding hairstyle for black hair is always complicating however this hairstyle will solve your problem. This will be something classy hence it is the first choice of many of the females with long hair.  

How you can get attractive wedding hair for dark hair 

 Dark hairs are very common among the peoples who want to maintain their hairs in a natural way. Hence it becomes very important to get the wedding hairstyle in the natural hairs. At the wedding when everybody plans every moment. Sometimes it becomes very messy at the time of the wedding due to the time clashes. Therefore it becomes very important to have the last-minute tips to avoid the inconvenience. The tips to follow to get the perfect wedding hair for dark hair are:-  

  1. Always consult the best hairstylist and consult with him about the hairstyle which you are going to have on your wedding day. If it is possible then try to have a demo of that hairstyle.  
  2. Collect all the necessary hair accessories or made it arrange by the hairdresser to avoid any inconvenience.  

Conclusion: – 

always have proper planning when you have attractive wedding hair for dark hair to look gorgeous. Consult a good hairdresser hence it will help you to manage the wedding hair for black hair to get everyone’s attention. 

Some gorgeous Indian wedding hair style

Some gorgeous Indian wedding hair style

Indian wedding hairMost importantly hair is a very essential part of the style of every bride. Therefore the whole attire should carry a proper hairstyle is necessary to become a beautiful bride. However, every woman loves her hair very much. Hence on the wedding day, she always wants to have a beautiful hairstyle. Of course, you will look extravagantly graceful and beautiful with the gorgeous hairstyle. Therefore, while choosing her hairstyles every bride should be very careful. Moreover, this is some essential factors to think through for Indian wedding hair

Face Shape 

However, to make sure of your nice looks hairstyle should be suitable for your face structure. Therefore about the face structure think through your favorable points and minus points also. Thus always select a hairstyle that will hide the defects and enhance your looks. 

Length and type of hair 

Similarly, to choose a good hairstyle the length and type of hair can give you a clear idea. However, do not manage the hair in a very complicated hairstyle it your hair is so soft.  Similarly, as per your hair texture think about your hairstyle. Alternatively, try to enhance your look with some surly hairstyle if your hair is curly. 

Wedding costume neckline 

Alternatively, the length, neckline, sleeves, work on it, and its color are some points to consider.  Therefore before the ceremony try your chosen hairstyle with the costume. Thus it helps to finalize the look that is perfect for you. 

Wedding Venue 

However, the one thing that affects your hairstyle is the venue and climate at the time of the wedding. Therefore prefer hair tied styles in a hot and humid environment. Moreover, you will be more comfortable all through the ceremony if you do hairdos harmonizing with the venue and climate. 

Thus, all these measures are important in Indian wedding hair style selection. Particularly, not only in India but in wedding hair Hawaii also follows all these steps. 

Now, there are some popular hairstyles for Indian wedding hair.  

Indian classical bun 

Indian wedding hair

Usually, the traditional wedding costumes in India are Sari, Lehenga, Ghagra- choli and Lehenga style saree. Therefore, that harmonizes very well with the traditional attire is the Indian classical bun. Particularly, the bun needs to pull tightly as Indian brides usually cover their heads.  


Particularly, it looks lovely on any bride as it’s in traditional type of hairstyle. Particularly it offers an elegant touch to bride’s beauty and these braids are very popular.  

Messy Buns 

Usually, it looks very stunning however they are not that perfect. Particularly if you don t cover your head you can try these buns.  

Curly Hairstyle 

Indian wedding hair

Particularly, for the Indian wedding hair curly and wavy hair are also popular similarly. Therefore with this hairstyle, you look gorgeous with the curls also. 

Pulled back hairstyle curls 

Usually, the most fashionable hairstyle is this hairstyle. Similarly, in wedding hair Hawaii also prefers this hairstyle. Alternatively, with the wedding gown, it goes perfectly. Moreover, with the minimum jewelry and accessories, this style creates the prettiest version of you. 


Therefore, for the Indian wedding hair, you can choose any of this style to look pretty and awesome. 


Ascertaining the modern wedding hairstyles 2019

Ascertaining the modern wedding hairstyles 2019

wedding hairstyles 2019For some of the brides finding out the correct pattern or the latest pattern for the wedding hairstyles 2019 on their wedding day is one of the most difficult tasks. However, it is not something that a groom may understand; only a bride may understand the situation and the consequence for selecting a hairstyle that is something not goes with the entire attire. It is one of the most curious subjects for a bride, thus it is easy when you have a complete guide or you go for a professional help. Then you may get many style and choice to go for. 


Thus selecting something very important is never easy you have to be completely choosy while selecting and finalizing any aspects of the latest trends.Here you will find some list of modern and latest wedding hairstyle trends that will help you in obtaining a new idea and selecting any one of it. Plus you will also ascertain the new trend of this New Year also. So not wasting any time let’s sees the various types of hairstyles: 


  • The soft wave

Soft wave is one of the most demanding and the easiest way to do it. Basically, the soft wave is just getting your hair culled or curly. Therefore it is not that which is very difficult and you seek the help for a professional hairstylist or what so ever. It is one of the simplest ways to get your hair styled. And one of the biggest things is that it can be done through the help of a machine. That means that even your friend or a family member can do it for you. 


  • Chic Buns

wedding hairstyles 2019

Chic Buns is also one of the most simple and also a wedding hairstyles trends 2020, this is because if you are in a hurry and don’t have enough time to get all things done then the chic bun style is the simplest and most elegant looking one. Many brides all around the world select this hair-style as their primary style for the wedding. You just need to tie up your entire hair in a proper manner on the back of your head. 


  • Messy Updos


This messy updos is not an easy one; you need a professional hairstylist to do this. This is because there are several layers and many aspects to this style and a professional hairstylist may only understand the complete process to convert it into a proper style. 


  • Ponytails

wedding hairstyles 2019

Ponytails are another one of the most famous wedding hairstyles 2019 and even now also this style is in trending. It is completely simple, easy and looks amazing if done properly. It can’t be done by the bride itself, someone needs to do the styling for her. 




So here was some amazing and excellent list of hairstyle which is used frequently and also trending in the wedding hairstyles trends 2020. So by reading this entire article, you may have got an idea of what is the best possible design to select for the wedding. 

All about micro braid and ombre hair extensions

All about micro braid and ombre hair extensions

micro braid hair extensions Micro braid hair extensions

Generally, these are the tiny braids that are braided into the human hair. Usually, these braids are highly beneficial because they can use for a longer time. Basically, these are workable as great protective styles for the hairstyle. Moreover, these types of hairstyles suit women who are of Africa descent. After all, these types of women have the same type of hair texture. Nowadays this type of hairstyle is not seen with the various other races. Although the micro braid hair extensions don’t last for the longer period time as compared to the straight hairs.

Are micro braid hair extensions good for you?

Of course, micro braid hair extensions are great, if this type of hair extensions are installed by the professional stylist. Generally, you have to take care of the hair extension and style it regularly so that it will look amazing on you. However, this type of hairstyle is not meant for too small hairs otherwise you are going to lose the hairs.

Different type of micro braid

  • Curly style 
  • Wavy micro braids 
  • Long micro braids style 
  • Straight micro braids style 
  • Shoulder length micro braids style 

Ombre hair extensions

ombre hair extensions

Basically, if you are not familiar with the hair extensions ombre hair extensions, then it is actually a fading of one color to another one. Generally, this hair extension is trendy and it adds the brightness into the face with the sun-kissed look to the hairs. However, maintaining the ombre hair extensions is not an easy thing because it is hard to maintain the roots. Moreover, if your hair roots are completely dark then theses hair extension will increase otherwise you may lose the hairs. But generally, these happen in very low percentages, these hairs are completely lighter and it remains for the few months. Generally, these types of hair extensions ombre hair extensions suit almost everyone and it easily adapts to suit any color of the skin.

Are ombre hair extensions good for you?

Of course, these types of hair extensions are great for getting the silky and sun-kissed hairs. Generally, these hairs are suitable for the fair complexion individuals and it is completely lighter in weight. However, this type of hair extension is available in various color combinations which allows you to get them according to your color complexions. 

Different types of ombre hair extensions

ombre hair extensions

  • Invisi Tape-Ins 
  • Beach wave Tape-Ins 
  • Glam strands 
  • Ultra seamless Tape-Ins 
  • Remy Tape-Ins 

Both hair extensions are best for the different types of descent and it has different features in it. Basically, these hair extensions are available in different fade and blend for entire individuals. 


Generally, these hair extensions are boon for them who want long and stylish hairs for different occasions. Moreover, micro braid hair extensions are an amazing choice for long and curly hairs. Basically, these hairs extension suits every type of the complexion and it is the best choice for getting the long and wavy hairs. 


Mistakes a bride should avoid when planning for getting the best wedding hair for bride

Mistakes a bride should avoid when planning for getting the best wedding hair for bride

wedding hair for bride When coming to your wedding obviously you would dye your hair or do any type of experiment with it. However, indeed, too much planning and try many more things at a time will lead your hair to get a major rehab at the last moment. If you want to enjoy your beauty on your special day then you need to compulsorily avoid making several mistakes that many are found doing when coming to the wedding hair for bride. Here are few things that you should avoid in order to stay away from the troubles with the hairs. So read out the post and just figure out what all you need to avoid. 

Don’t go for something natural hair- 

It is obvious that many to get the very best wedding hair for bride try something natural to make your wedding hair look amazingly beautiful. One should not be in the hope that trying all those will work. Instead, it will take too much of time for giving out the result that you hope for. Also, the chance may be there that you ruin your hair if you do not go for correctly trying natural things. In the end, the result will be very bad and you will be there with the bad hair condition. Indeed, always natural remedies don’t work for all. Instead one may lose the beauty and shinning of the hair. However, the only options left behind you are to make use of the hair extension and of course, of very good quality only.  It will not only give your hair the desired thickness, but your hair will get proper length and good hairstyle. 

Never dye your hair at the last moment- 

If you think to color or dye your hair, of course, it seems to be a better or sound bit better. But, it can be very much terrifying. Obviously, when you go for that just to have the best wedding hair for bride, you will easily mess up with it and won’t get the outcome that you have hoped. And why not, you also need to shampoo and conditioner the hair after the few hours of hair dying or coloring to get the amazingly greater result. So, make sure that you try it at least a week earlier. Give your hair enough time to neutralize all you want and brighten the blonde. 

Few short hair wedding styles bride can get for her day- 

Curly Updo for short hairs- 

best wedding

When coming to the short hair wedding styles bride, she and her friends can think of many options available and trying this one is not a bad idea. Simply twist the hairs and properly position them using hairpins. You can add jewels or floras to give it fancier look. 

The illusion of hair length- 

To allow short hair to appear longer, choose a braided style. Details of the braid will add depth and greater volume. Take the help of the hairspray and hairpins and wear this style for the time you want. 

Give those a try and see how beautiful your hair looks. 


How can you maintain your hair: few best hair care tips that you may consider