Hair Extensions How To Apply-Some Of The Easy Steps

Many people are suffering from the problem of hair fall and sort hair. Many ways help you in which you get your hair back. However, getting the real hair back is quite a different thing or we can say it is impossible. Moreover, you get them then you have to spend a big amount on hair transplants. Luckily here you have a second option of hair extensions. There are many types of hair extensions are available that help you in providing you a hairstyle of your desire. Mainly, there are two types of hair extension are available. So, here in this article, we tell you about hair extension how to apply them. However, there are many types of hairs are available in hair extension. Luckily you have an option to choose your types of hair extension.  

Types of hair extensions

hair extensions how to apply Well, there are many types of hair extensions are available that you can apply yourself at home. Obviously, everyone wants beautiful and longhairs and for that, you can use hair extensions. Therefore, here we are describing some of the easiest hair extensions to apply yourself.  However, there are many types of hair extension are available like clip-in hair extension, tape-in hair extension; sew- in hair extensions, etc. Moreover, you can use these hair extensions according to your comfort. Luckily, these hair extensions are available in both types of permanent hair extension and hair extension for a short period.  

How to apply hair extensions

However, Different hair extension has a different process to apply.   Many hair extensions applications are used and provide you attractive looks. So, here we are telling you the most trending top 3 methods of hair extensions. Also, by using these steps you can easily apply for hair extensions at your home yourself. So, let’s know more about these hair extension applications. 

Tape-in hair extension

hair extensions how to apply This is the most used and easy way of hair extension. However, in tape-in hair extensions, they use single either double PU tap. Clients who have extremely thin hair can easily use this. Luckily this required a small amount of money and provides you the best results. Moreover, there is no heat or tools used in hair extension. So be free from the damage to your real hair. Also, this hair extension takes only 15 to 20 minutes for volume application. However, you cannot wash your hair up to 48 hours of extension. And do not use oil or silicone products on the hairs for best results.  

Clip-in hair extension

hair extensions how to apply If you don’t want to wear a hair extension daily than clip-in hair extension is the best option for you. However, in clip-in hair extension, they use silicon clip to attach hairs to your real hairs. Luckily, in this hair extension, you choose hair types and sizes too. Also, the clip-in hair extension takes a small amount of time in applying. Therefore, you can easily use this hair extension at your home. Clip-in hair extension is also known for the easiest hair extensions to apply yourself. Moreover, you can easily put in and put out this hair extension daily.

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