All about micro braid and ombre hair extensions

micro braid hair extensions Micro braid hair extensions

Generally, these are the tiny braids that are braided into the human hair. Usually, these braids are highly beneficial because they can use for a longer time. Basically, these are workable as great protective styles for the hairstyle. Moreover, these types of hairstyles suit women who are of Africa descent. After all, these types of women have the same type of hair texture. Nowadays this type of hairstyle is not seen with the various other races. Although the micro braid hair extensions don’t last for the longer period time as compared to the straight hairs.

Are micro braid hair extensions good for you?

Of course, micro braid hair extensions are great, if this type of hair extensions are installed by the professional stylist. Generally, you have to take care of the hair extension and style it regularly so that it will look amazing on you. However, this type of hairstyle is not meant for too small hairs otherwise you are going to lose the hairs.

Different type of micro braid

  • Curly style 
  • Wavy micro braids 
  • Long micro braids style 
  • Straight micro braids style 
  • Shoulder length micro braids style 

Ombre hair extensions

ombre hair extensions

Basically, if you are not familiar with the hair extensions ombre hair extensions, then it is actually a fading of one color to another one. Generally, this hair extension is trendy and it adds the brightness into the face with the sun-kissed look to the hairs. However, maintaining the ombre hair extensions is not an easy thing because it is hard to maintain the roots. Moreover, if your hair roots are completely dark then theses hair extension will increase otherwise you may lose the hairs. But generally, these happen in very low percentages, these hairs are completely lighter and it remains for the few months. Generally, these types of hair extensions ombre hair extensions suit almost everyone and it easily adapts to suit any color of the skin.

Are ombre hair extensions good for you?

Of course, these types of hair extensions are great for getting the silky and sun-kissed hairs. Generally, these hairs are suitable for the fair complexion individuals and it is completely lighter in weight. However, this type of hair extension is available in various color combinations which allows you to get them according to your color complexions. 

Different types of ombre hair extensions

ombre hair extensions

  • Invisi Tape-Ins 
  • Beach wave Tape-Ins 
  • Glam strands 
  • Ultra seamless Tape-Ins 
  • Remy Tape-Ins 

Both hair extensions are best for the different types of descent and it has different features in it. Basically, these hair extensions are available in different fade and blend for entire individuals. 


Generally, these hair extensions are boon for them who want long and stylish hairs for different occasions. Moreover, micro braid hair extensions are an amazing choice for long and curly hairs. Basically, these hairs extension suits every type of the complexion and it is the best choice for getting the long and wavy hairs. 


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